NOXtec 3000

The Nitric Oxide Monitor.

NOXtec 3000 is an inhaled nitric oxide monitoring device.

By continuously sampling the flow of the NO-O2 mixture delivered to the patient, NOXtec 3000 is able to monitor the concentration of nitric oxide that the patient is receiving and whether it is within predetermined threshold values.

The Nitric Oxide monitor

NOXtec 3000 is able also to monitor the trace amount of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the mix, a highly toxic gas that can compromise patient safety during the application of the therapy, so that a predetermined threshold value is not exceeded.

NOXtec 3000 is able to calibrate automatically the NO, NO2 and O2 sensors, even when the device is dosing, leading to a significative reduction in management costs (standard devices on the market needs manual calibration).



Real time mode

Automatic mode

Semiautom. mode

Manual mode

Cylinder exchange

Automatic venting

Automatic calibration

Room measurement


Noxtec 3000 integrates a Measurement system of the concentration of NO, NO2 and O2 in the room, even when the device is dosing
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