Nippon Gases Italia and Noxtec Development have joined forces to develop and strengthen a company dedicated to design, produce and distribute state-of-the-art medical devices worldwide.
The Joint Venture
The joint venture combines Noxtec Development's high-level expertise in the development of new high-tech medical products with Nippon Gases' 100 years of experience in the production of medical gases.
The goal is to explore new geographies and create social value through innovative solutions. This partnership aims at the technological improvement of devices used in inhaled nitric oxide therapies, thanks to a continuous exchange of information with university and hospital structures, in order to improve their effectiveness and evaluate the development of new applications.

Nitric Oxide Therapy

The nitric oxide therapy market has grown exponentially in recent years, concentrating first in neonatal intensive care units, then in pediatric and adult settings, and finally playing a key role during the last 2 years in the treatment of Covid-19 patients.


The increased use of Nitric Oxide, a powerful vasodilator, is linked not only to its effectiveness in terms of therapy response times, but above all to its localized action in the cardiopulmonary area, lowering blood pressure rapidly and avoiding interactions with other areas of the human body.


The first device for inhaled nitric oxide therapies, developed by Noxtec, has made it possible not only to monitor and manage the therapy in constant doses as the patient's respiratory flow changes, but also to improve the safe management of the device through remote control systems and automatic calibration.