About us

Great products for great people

Our company is dedicated to the design, development, manufacturing and distributing of high-technology medical equipment. The promotion of organizational excellence in services and high quality of products is the way to achieve it. The following commitments are the foundation of the QMS to achieve it:

  • Satisfaction of our customers, exceeding their requirements and expectations.
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements,
  • Provide quality in services and very competitive products according to global trend and the state of the art,
  • To have a solid professional and competent team according to the service and activities of the company,
  • To promote the development of the member of the company skills.
  • To promote continuous improvement in processes and managing the risks that could affect the fulfilment of objectives.

Company staff assume the policy as part of their responsibilities and principles. Company management will support them for achieving their goals in this regard. This document will be distributed to all levels of the organization and will be kept available to stakeholders.


We develop, manufacture and distribute high technology medical devices with an important added value for the users and patients.


Our company is dedicated to cardiopulmonary medical devices, some of their components, and medical devices for other areas of the hospital and homecare for the international market. Our intension is to be reference in the family of devices we commercialize, competent, robust and highly competitive. Our intension is to create a highly competent human team very specialized.